What is Call-A-Cab?

Call-A-Cab is a transportation service that provides mobility within Prince George’s county at a reduced cost for senior (age 60 & over) and /or disabled county residents when metro and/ or Call-A-Bus are not available.

How many coupons book can I purchase?

Senior and/ or disabled residents may purchase up to fourteen (14) $20.00 coupon books in a six-month period at $10.00 per book. Program information (301)-883-5656

How does Call-A-Cab Work

There are 6 easy steps

complementing the county's transit system - THE BUS, Metro Access provides service for disabled persons who are unable to use the regular transit systems and have been certified eligible.
For further information regarding the program, please call metro Access at 800-523-7009 / 301-588-7535 (TTY) or the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit authority at 202-637-7000 / 202-962-2033 (TTY)

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